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Ellenberger Park is located in Historical Irvington, just five miles east of downtown,Indianapolis. It's a favorite destination for many, with picnic areas, playgrounds, a hiking trail, tennis courts, sledding, stream, swimming pool, ice rink, and baseball diamond. You can even plan an informal dinner at the line of food trucks that gathers on Thursday nights.

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The land was originally part of the 160-acre Ellenberger farm. John Ellenberger was a generous community member and in 1882 began allowing families in the Irvington area to use the woods as an informal recreation site. The city purchased 32 acres of Ellenberger's wooded property in 1909. Additional purchases of adjoining acreage made in 1911 and 1915 brought the park's total area up to its present size.

You might find a symphony in the park or the farmers market when the weather is nice. It's also right on the Pleasant Run/Bonna Ave. trail, making it easily accessible. The park is often described as "large," "peaceful," and "quiet."